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Xsdvalidatingreader msdn

It expands entities and ignores processing instructions and comments. For the asynchronous version of this method, see Read Element Content As Object Async. NET Framework Available since 2.0 Portable Class Library Supported in: portable .

method sets the state of the XML reader to initiate Initial and moves through the XML file sequentially until it reaches the end of the file, at which point the method returns a value of false.

The current node refers to the node on which the reader is positioned.

The reader is advanced using any of the read methods and properties reflect the value of the current node. After an exception is thrown the state of the reader is not predictable.

Use the To define the structure of an XML document and its element relationships, data types, and content constraints, you use a document type definition (DTD) or XML Schema definition language (XSD) schema.

An XML document is considered to be well formed if it meets all the syntactical requirements defined by the W3C XML 1.0 Recommendation.

If there is more data in the stream, the method will block parsing until receipt of the fourth byte.

However, we recommend that you use the Read Element Content As String method instead, because it provides a more straightforward way to handle this operation. NET Framework source code for this type, see the Reference Source.

A non-zero value specifies the maximum size, in characters.

class to specify which features to implement in the Xml Reader object it creates.

See the Remarks sections of the Xml Reader and Create reference pages for information about which settings to use for conformance checks, validation, and other common scenarios.

See the Xml Reader Settings Universal Windows Platform Available since 8 .

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