Who is miley cyrus dating december 2016

Who is miley cyrus dating december 2016

The most emotional speech came from Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine who insisted 16-year-old Addison Agen had 'changed the way I view the game as far as The Voice is concerned.'After her moving version of Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now — a performance that seemed to leave her close to tears at times — Adam insisted her mastery had eliminated the usual competitiveness he feels at this stage of a season.'Because you're an artist,' Adam told the teen, who was clearly moved by his words as he said he would 'rather you sing the songs that mean the most to you.''I want to set you up right now as best I can for the best possible career you could ever have,' he told her.'This girl — this girl is The Voice. I think you should win this competition, but even if you don't — I don't care.'Because I think that you are one of the most special gifts that I've ever had the pleasure of working with and I love ya, I really do,' Adam said.Addison looked shocked by the praise, blowing her coach a kiss and wiping away a tear.Adam shared a similar message about his protege during rehearsals, saying to camera: 'I think Addison is The Voice.When she sings, it's just an intangible je ne sais quoi.'Miley Cyrus, however, was adamant that the winner should be Brooke Simpson — her final hope as the only person left on her team.'If you are not in the finale I don't know what this show is,' Miley insisted after the Native American singer's performance of Journey's epic song Faithfully.'If this show is about 'the voice,' if it's about finding that kind of vocal talent, your winner is standing right here. Miley also shared the same message in rehearsals, insisting: 'This show is The Voice. And I stick by I think it's Brooke.'Brooke admitted she was 'so nervous' about the semis, with Miley adding to the stress as she told her: 'Team Miley is resting right here on your shoulders. 'That's terrifying.'Blake Shelton's highest praise was reserved for Chloe Kohanski — insisting she had 'the most iconic voice we have ever had on this show.'Chloe had been left a frontrunner after her performance last week of Blondie's Call Me left her in the i Tunes top 10.Jennifer's other hopeful, hunky Noah Mac, turned to Bishop Briggs's River to bring 'power' back to his performances, with Miley telling him: 'I think you brought something really youthful and modern to this show that I don't know if we've really seen before.

for their joint performance.'We're both country as a stick so I think we fit pretty well together,' Red said, adding: 'Adam is a top notch dude, so for me to get to sing with him it's an honor.

I love it.'In rehearsals Noah said he had been 'staying up long nights, stressing out like crazy,' with Jennifer quipping: 'Welcome to the industry.'After his performance, she told him: 'Mama Hud is very proud, right along with your mama.

You made me forget that this is a competition — it feels like your show.'Noah had sung the first duet of the night, joining Chloe for a version of Chris Isaak's moody Wicked Game.

But Brooke and Davon seemed to have developed the closest bond, despite being on rival teams, with Davon calling Brooke 'my sister for life' with 'one of the most sweetest souls and spirits ever.

She's just a bundle of joy.''I have to be sure she continues to be a great friend of mine — we'll probably make great music together.

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The final eight on The Voice left it all on the stage on Monday as they battled it out to make it through to next week's final.

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