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He is invested in building a culture and sometimes sounds more like an impassioned college football coach than a traditional, bland baseball manager. “And what’s easy to see is that they are going to make really healthy choices. I walked away from that dinner saying this guy can lead now. It’s a very unique package, one that I’m not sure I’ve ever seen.” In just a few weeks, Kapler had made two of his most vital connections.

They’re going to make the right choices along the way. I sat across from him and had a human-to-human dinner the entire time. The manager, a foodie who has already sampled some of the city’s finest restaurants, walked away both full and impressed.

She was nothing like the Whitney Houston she became but at the same time she was already there. She was doing shows in Manhattan with her mother, and she'd change her clothes in the car and get on stage and do her thing. But she was modeling for Wilhelmina because she was discovered on the street. When my mother first met her, she laughed and said, "You look like an angel, but I know you're not." And she wasn't. She chose the life she lived, and she chose it from the beginning. Her mother was Cissy Houston, and she had been on the road with Dionne Warwick. I flew the Concorde the way some people ride the bus. She did the movie, she did the music, she did everything — and when she was done, she was done. The music supervisor brought her Linda Ronstadt's version of "I Will Always Love You" way before Kevin Costner brought Dolly Parton's version — and she always knew what she could do with it.

She was walking in front of Carnegie Hall and someone walked up to her and said, "There's a modeling agency upstairs that's looking for someone just like you." She walked upstairs and they signed her. She got her chops singing in church, and her mother said to her, "You know, you can always sing for free. You don't have to choose the professional life." But she chose because she'd been chosen. She shared the fruits, and she changed a lot of lives. So when Kevin came in and played it for her and told her he wanted her to sing it for the movie, she said, "Fine." She wasn't much for showing off what she had, except when she had to.

She could not pick up the phone, and that meant it was too painful. Whitney cut her off and she imagines that Whitney wanted to call her and make peace, but the idea was too painful.[quote]Whitney cut her off and she imagines that Whitney wanted to call her and make peace, but the idea was too painful.

Whitney didn't cut her off voluntarily, she HAD to.

I think that Whitney's religious upbringing played a HUGE part in this story.

It was from Gabe Kapler, the new Phillies manager, and he wanted to have dinner with Crawford.

Crawford received a text message last month as his offseason continued in Southern California.

And even if the note wasn't there, the feeling was. They were a lot to deliver, but she delivered them every note, every time. I just hope that she wasn't in pain and that she hadn't lost hope. Very important point, in the midst of people blaming Whitney's mother and Bobby Brown.[quote]I agree, [R10].

She gave so much to so many people; I hope that she felt loved in return. I thought she made it very clear that Whitney made her own choices and that she would not have allowed anybody else to force her to do anything she did not want to do That's the "she knew I was never going to be disloyal to her. She will never reveal the truth.[quote]And that was Whitney.

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The record company, the band members, her family, her friends, me — she fed everybody. I always compare her performance of that song with a great athlete hitting his peak — with Michael Jordan in the playoffs. And that's what people don't understand: She was always the one doing the driving. When people left her or were told to leave, they could never believe that Whitney would never call them — but she never did.

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