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As AMY JO JOHNSON explains it, she was hired by God August 2nd of 2012 to serve as CEO to Carly Anne Olsen.

Because of the passion she has for her job and for her many blessings, she has since made that job her full-time profession.

Celebrity fans include Hugh Jackman, Britney Spears and Adele, who apparently watched hours of Supernanny re-runs before the birth of her son last year.

But in 2010, after years of living an itinerant existence, she quit Super-nanny and now has finally laid down roots – of a kind – in California.

‘I’d been back and forth from Los Angeles for nine years and even though I’m still travelling from family to family, I do have a home here in Orange County now,’ she says.

The next step – as opposed to the Naughty Step (the place at the foot of the stairs where Jo would famously send misbehaving tots during the show) – involves her latest book, Jo Frost’s Toddler SOS, as well as plans for a new US series.‘Loose’ probably isn’t the term that would have described Jo in her first incarnation as Supernanny – the occasionally stern, finger-wagging toddler troubleshooter replete with business suits and severe up-do.

She occasionally gets the opportunity to do trainings and presentations for various groups and companies for the Bismarck State College Speaker's Bureau.

Are you ready to see the hidden side of your favorite Power Ranger? Join in, we are going to reveal the real-life partners of the actors from the original Power Rangers series!

"I really wanted to be Rita [Repulsa], but Elizabeth Banks got that part," she added.

Amy Jo Johnson, 46, snuck into a press junket last week to interview new stars Naomi Scott, Ludi Lin and Dacre Montgomery, who play the Pink Ranger, Black Ranger and Red Ranger, respectively.

"[The filmmakers are] definitely very specific about what issues we're going through, you know, what normal, 17-year-old kids go through," Scott told Johnson.

Prior to becoming Carly's mommy, Amy Jo was employed with the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas as the Director of Learning; educating communities about credit unions,training credit union professionals and planning statewide conferences.

Today Amy Jo continues to work early mornings (am to 9am Monday through Friday) when Carly is visiting Grandma, as a radio personality with Sid Hardt on The Big Rig at 105.9 fm.

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"A kid can relate to any one of us in some way." "I can't do any of the acrobatics like you [used] to," she jokingly added.

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