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Other symptoms to watch out for are headaches, sore and dry mouth, tiredness and dark urine.

Causes include smoking, infections, alcohol, extremely sour foods, spicy foods and some medications.

In most cases, though, the condition is temporary and soon resolves itself (although, as we shall see, there are quite a few things you can do to speed up the return of your tastes buds! If you are at the upper end of the scale 10,000 taste buds you’ll be known as a super taster, and can confidently consider a career in tea, wine tasting – or ejuice reviewing!

The difference in people’s taste buds might also explain why some people preferred e-liquid and other people find it hard to tell the difference.

Your taste can also be impacted by expectations, as the following experiments showed: In one blind test, researchers gave people pepsi and coca-cola to drink. But when researchers told people the name of the drink, people preferred coke by a margin of 4:1.

In another experiment, TV presenter Derren Brown opened a bottle of mint and told his audience that many of them might be able to smell it.

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In fact, many vapers have reported coming down in the morning a couple of weeks after their last cigarette and being hit by the fresh smell of coffee brewing.

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