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Validating dtd

Briefly a DTD defines all the possible elements to be found within your document, what is the formal shape of your document tree (by defining the allowed content of an element; either text, a regular expression for the allowed list of children, or mixed content i.e. The DTD also defines the valid attributes for all elements and the types of those attributes.

The W3C XML Recommendation (Tim Bray's annotated version of Rev1):(unfortunately) all this is inherited from the SGML world, the syntax is ancient... The rules to build them if you need something permanent or something which can evolve over time can be radically different.

Validome is a free, online DTD and Schema validator.

It does not require me to sign up for any trials, or install any frameworks or other software in order to validate a DTD.

Thanks to Stylus Studio®'s thoughtful Backmapping technology, you can click on any DTD validation error message in the Ouput window, and Stylus Studio® automatically highlights the line of source code in which the problem originates.

The dia example in test/valid should be both simple and complete enough to allow you to build your own.Broken, wrong, incorrect, syntactically incorrect, non-conforming, faulty, all of these are fine clear terms that don't conflict with the definitions assigned to terms by the spec.There is no need to try to press the term "valid" into service here: it has its own meaning, which is important enough to be careful [email protected] Sperberg-Mc Queen It is valid to use the term "invalid" as a catch-all for all those other terms you've listed - the question is how to determine a DTD document is valid against the DTD standard/spec I found a solution.Sense: X highlights XML syntax errors in real-time, and its auto-completion mechanism displays contextually valid prompts to help speed coding.Stylus Studio® automatically detects any changes in the associated DTD, eliminating the need to manually refresh so you know your code will always be accurate.

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Here's why: In summary, Stylus Studio®'s DTD open support for any DTD parser and validator ensures backward compatibility with older XML applications, and it provides helpful debugging and troubleshooting features when working with DTDs.

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