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Uuencode online dating

Data URLs are a form of Uniform Resource Locators, although they do not in fact remotely locate anything.

Instead, the resource data is contained within the URL string itself as a base64-encoded string.

To make uuencode read a file directly, give the filename as the second argument.

-b : Send blind carbon copies to list of users seperated by comma. This will attach the file to the outbound email correctly with proper Content-Type and boundary headers.Also, uuencoded data doesn't travel well through all mail gateways -- partly because uuencoding is sensitive to changes in whitespace (space and TAB) characters, and some gateways munge (change or corrupt) whitespace.So if you're encoding text for transmission, use line that gives the file's name; this name comes from the first argument you give the uuencode utility as it encodes a file.It handles converting binary files to and from ASCII format for transmission through e-mail or the newsgroups.This version introduces a few improvements and changes, the most important of which is support for the y Enc encoding algorithm which is growing more popular in the newsgroups.

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