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Or maybe my twitter friends and I need an #xfilesclub Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

There were so many fav episodes - for some reason the Christmas one where ghosts make each believe the other is trying to kill them - stays with me all the time.

, as soon as I queue one up and hit “Play,” I’m sucked right back into an all-consuming maelstrom of Mulder/Scully feels that remind me why they’re one of my all-time favorite OTPs (one true pairings).

In fact, I would probably go so far as to say they’ve ruined me for all other TV romances.

You have brought forth the greatest clips, thank you so much!

I remember when my friends first started watched TXF, frankly I was a little bored in the first season but they kept with it and so did I and I became a hard-core fan. As an adult, I find Scully unquestionably to be the heart of the show from the very beginning, and I think that's mostly due to Gillian Anderson.

: What could get Agent Scully to change her mind about quitting the FBI except a plea from her partner and best friend?

' Cause he sobs at her bedside, and she demands to take a murder rap for him before she died.

' Cause he won't stop until he finds a cure, and when he does she believes in him enough to accept it, despite the ridicule from her family. Mulder in Season 7's “Requiem”: There aren’t a lot of examples of Mulder getting protective of Scully, with good reason: He knows she can take care of herself, and respects that, which is one of the reasons Scully loves him so much, not to mention the audience (see #10).

The lip-lock itself is pretty tame, but the way they look at each other afterwards melts the heart.

Mulder’s wonderful post-kiss line “The world didn’t end,” which can also be read several different ways, is merely the icing on the cake. That time Mulder and Scully went to the movies in Season 7's “Hollywood A.

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And they’re as magnetic together as always, whether they’re discussing the horrible things they’ve been through together (foremost on Scully’s mind here, giving William up for adoption and watching another child, her patient, suffer from an incurable disease) or joking about the size of Mulder’s...package.

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