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Consider a recent study in the city of Vannes in France, in which 506 women were approached by a good-looking guy and asked for a date. We're all humans-- sexual humans-- living together on the same planet. Sure, males can act entitled by getting mad if the women doesn't swoon for their attempted charms, but a women can act equally as entitled by assuming the shy, geeky guy is only interested in sex and nothing more.They found an ovulatory cycle effect: young women in their most fertile phase agreed more favorably to the request than women in the luteal phase of their menstrual cycle. Of course he's interested in sex, but it may be possible he is also interested in more.Take risks and applaud your courage no matter the outcome. I know something about female homicide crime statistics.Most women that are victims of homicides are killed by an intimate partner.In fact, stay away from confined places altogether when chatting up a woman. And avoid language that conjures up images of potential danger, such as a hotel room. Also, using stories of famous people, the participant’s best opposite-sex friend, and strangers, women (but not men) perceived less risk from the familiar individual making the sexual proposal than from a stranger. It's hard to imagine he could have done anything, but at the very least he could have tried to make some sort of connection. Best approach to make a stranger feel comfortable, especially in an enclosed space? I posed this question to the women on my Facebook page, and they almost unanimously chose option A.When women considered the familiar-- and thus less risky-- proposer, they were . One woman replied to me: "It may be confronting but at least the guy respects you as a person to be honest and upfront, whereas Option B he probably sees you as game, a chase, ergo not a person with feelings." This suggests women not only prefer the direct approach but may in fact view the direct approach as more respectful!The guy, heart probably beating fast and palms sweety as heck, utters the following (according to Watson): I was a single women in a foreign country in a hotel elevator with you, just you, and I—don't invite me back to your hotel room right after I finish talking about how it creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable when men sexualize me in that manner. No less than Richard Dawkins jumps into the fray, mocking those who are blowing it all out of proportion.

Not having been a man, drowning in your female privilege, you crimson have no idea what men experience. The exact approach you described as supposedly "working for sure" on watson, will make one woman melt, and make another woman roll her eyes.Anyone that is inviting a woman they just met to their hotel room has sex on their mind.Of course he didn't want her to take it the wrong way, he didn't want her to feel unsafe so he could get her into his hotel room and he increase his chance of having sex with her. There were 10 other ways to arrange a date with Ms. I would have gone with, "I was highly impressed with your speech tonight.: Skepchick Rebecca Watson gave a talk in Ireland on being sexualized as a feminist skeptic.After the talk, she drank and chatted with her fellow conference attendees.

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Figure out what exactly you want and be honest with yourself and others.

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