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I have too much to lose to do anything about it which is why I have tapered off and will probably stop. be nice very nice ( best girls are from Thailand ) scene is weak, but there are some excellent local escorts. Another thing to add is that escorts are often willing to negotiate for some more specific fetishism fetishes without any language barrier I agree you never get the girl pictured in the Backpage ad.Unless something amazing happens.-safer and I know mine long enough now that we go out to eat (even bring her daughter along) But she is parter that works and other silent in 1 lady operation.. Or it may be the same girl, with her picture when she was 20 years old and is now she is 35 with body that had 2 kids and a perhaps a bad drug habit. The only other advantage is the dirty deed is on a bed not a hard massage table - as long as the sheets are clean.Bottom line is, if you live close to Canada, get a passport and I recommend a trip up., but from I am reading here, I am willing to try it. I was on a streak as I vetted the ladies to my hotel room, but my last BP experience was horrible. Topping off that she would not do anything with me other than to keep me company for the 30 minutes I paid her.I was beyond pissed, this was a very expensive 30 minute chat...Even then, there is risk for getting ripped off, or getting shitty service. If you have the means and opportunity and play it safe the reward can be worth it, at least IMO. I personally think the spa route is more favorable to me.I am an impulsive person, and when I want to seek fun, I want it now.

I’m sure we’ve all been there, and done that, right?

I get to her place, or she gets to mine, the door opens, and…”I’m sorry miss, you must have the wrong house! You get inside the parlor, see the girls working, physically point at one, and tell the MMS/PPS that she’s the one you want. Of course, there are a few, rare times when the masseuse in your room isn’t the one you pointed out, but all you have to do is tell that to the owners face, and they’ll hastily accompany your needs, and remedy the situation, rather than lose money. So the question of the day comes down to…Oh forgot to let everyone know I made the mistake of visiting VEGAS SPA last visit.

Sorry brother mongers, I didn’t mean to rant on for that long, but I just wanted you to understand my point of view. I thought cause they said "Las Vegas Blvd"It would be closer. 2 girl that looked "weather beaten" lined up I just left. Not 1 pic on line even resembling the 3s, maybe 4G on a good day that were there and of all nights a Friday, only 2 girls! It is a shame that most of the women both aamps and escorts are fronting fake pics.

My best place for an here is in Philly which is still about a 2 and half hr drive away.

I usually save up for my trips to Niagara Falls and get a couple hrs at a time with a girl or multiple girls.

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I find the challange of going into a spa and seeing how far I can go and at what price level I have to shell out to get the service.

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