M2f dating

M2f dating

The term BDSM derives from joining the term B&D (bondage and discipline) with S&M (sadomasochism or sadism and masochism), or as a compound initialism from B&D, D&S (dominance and submission), and S&M.

Bigender (adj) person who fluctuates between traditionally woman and man gender-based behavior and identities, identifying with both genders (and sometimes a third gender) Bicurious (adj) curiosity about having attraction to people of the same gender/sex (similar to questioning).

While often used derogatorily, it can is adopted affirmatively by many lesbians (and not necessarily masculine ones) as a positive self-identity term Emotional/Spiritual Attraction (noun) affinity for someone that evokes the want to engage in emotional intimate behavior (e.g., sharing, confiding, trusting, interdepending), experienced in varying degrees (from little-to-non, to intense).

Often conflated with romantic attraction and sexual attraction.

Feminine of Center; Masculine of Center (adj) word that indicates a range of terms of gender identity and gender presentation for folks who present, understand themselves, relate to others in a more feminine/masculine way.

Feminine of center individuals may also identify as femme, submissive, transfeminine, or more; masculine of center individuals may also often identity as butch, stud, aggressive, boi, transmasculine, or more.

Biphobia (noun) range of negative attitudes (e.g., fear, anger, intolerance, resentment, erasure, or discomfort) that one may have/express towards bisexual individuals.

It is sometimes referred to as kink sexual identity.Drag Queen (noun) someone who performs femininity theatrically.Dyke (noun) term referring to a masculine presenting lesbian.Biphobic (adj) a word used to describe an individual who harbors some elements of this range of negative attitudes towards bisexual people.Bisexual (adj) person emotionally, physically, and/or sexually attracted to male/men and females/women.

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