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Australian scholar of sexual politics in Thailand Peter Jackson claims that the term "kathoey" was used in pre-modern times to refer to intersex people, and that the usage changed in the middle of the twentieth century to cover cross-dressing males.The term can refer to males who exhibit varying degrees of femininity.Beginning in 1998, the pageant takes place every year in Pattaya, Thailand during May.With over 100 applicants, all across Thailand, the pageant is considered to be one of the most popular transgender pageants in the world.The Thai government, concerned with the country's image, barred two of the kathoeys from joining the national team and competing internationally.Among the most famous kathoeys in Thailand is Nong Tum, a former champion Thai boxer who emerged into the public eye in 1998.Many kathoey work in predominately female occupations, such as in shops, restaurants, and beauty salons, but also in factories (a reflection of Thailand's high proportion of female industrial workers).Kathoeys are more visible and more accepted in Thai culture than transgender people are in other countries in the world.

Although kathoey is often translated as "transgender" in the English usage, this term is not used frequently in Thailand.Through beauty pageants, Thailand has been able to promote the country's cosmetic surgery industry, which has had a massive increase in medical tourism for sex reassignment surgery.According to the Miss Tiffany's Universe website, the live broadcast attracts record of 15 million viewers.Many kathoeys dress as women and undergo "feminising" medical procedures such as breast implants, hormones, silicone injections, or Adam's apple reductions.Others may wear makeup and use feminine pronouns, but dress as men, and are closer to the Western category of effeminate gay man than transgender.

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In January 1997, the Rajabhat Institutes (the governing body of the colleges) announced it would formalize the ban, which would extend to all campuses at the start of the 1997 academic year.

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