Dating websites and self esteem

Dating websites and self esteem

At least sorry i am not interested is respectful to someone who has taken the time to write you.

but again, I'm not likely to put the effort into it if I know my odds of hearing even a single word back is less than 1/20. even if it's just a few brief back-and-forth replies that never lead anywhere. I met far more women (many who approached me) on Myspace, which wasn't a dating site at all. Here we go with the mythos of the vaunted 'Self-Esteem' meme.

And after a couple months of no replies, I give up, delete my profile, and go back to meeting people the old-fashioned way, swearing I'll never use online dating services again. It's also particularly frustrating when women expect you to put extensive effort into your profile, but the vast majority of them hardly write more than 3 or 4 lines of text.

I guess that's supposed to mean that you're expected to ask them a ton of questions... tantalizing replies), then you have to reward the behavior...

Another example, if a woman doesn't usually dress up, but puts the effort in and does it from time to time, but no one notices or compliments her, she'll stop trying. You have no idea if she will respond; so when and if she shows interest you go deeper.

How many times, I can't count I've personalized and crafted a witty message to only have no reply.

Hell, I even enjoy butting heads with people I disagree with, as long as it's done in a civil manner.

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After being on this site for a while I started thinking about whether or not dating sites are good or bad for one's self esteem (as far as dating and meeting women go).

Locally, there are far fewer fish than ever before. I think a lot of times it is because the woman just doesn't want to hurt the guy's feelings, so she doesn't answer the message. And I am the same arrogant and charming prig the world over - my character and personality doesnt jibe with American women - so I don't date them.

I know there have been times when I've done the same dead alright, the NKv D had the documents from the squad that hit the whole family. My mistake was ever pursuing them between foreign girlfriends. The dating end of this site kicked my self-esteem in the ribs one time too many.

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You call in disrespectful, I call it preserving my self-esteem! Most of the messages have a sexual tone and there is nothing in my profile that would even "go there". At some point, I asked a good male friend of mine what the heck is going on. "They probably know they do not have a chance with you so they are going for the sex angle, hoping you'll go for that."Seriously? If sites such as this one have any value, it is strictly limited to providing a point of contact where people can meet, exchange information, interact, decide if, and, or when they choose to meet, and ultimately either stay together as a pair-bond couple or go their separate ways. I don't think we have anything in common, good luck in your search."And several times (not just once), I got a really nasty answer to that. In this process I have made more friend connections. Who could let this kind of situation put a chink in their armour? But that means that i've rejected 9 out of 10 women as they didn't elicit enough interest for me to mail them.

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