Dating do and don ts

Dating do and don ts

Even though gender equality is important, it doesn’t mean chivalry should go away.Both genders being of equal worth doesn’t mean they can’t play different roles in the dance of romance.And according to the survey, society still expects men to show their appreciation for the women in certain ways, just as there are ways for women to show their appreciation for men. Answers varied pretty evenly between suggestions of three or four days, about a week, and no timeline at all.Most people said they would try a second date even if there were no sparks on the first one.But most also said we should know ourselves well enough to know whether we are likely to change our minds on a second meeting.While a potential connection should be given as much chance as possible, there is no need to lead someone on longer than necessary. Many said they’d become exclusive after two to three dates.I requested a female perspective from my really talented (and funny) blogging friend, The survey showed me that even in a world full of digital interactions, striving for gender equality, and racing at a faster pace than ever, we still must demonstrate respect, chivalry and kindness.Matthew sums up this approach: “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.”With technology’s current role in our lives overall, I wondered how many people are OK with meeting and asking someone out over digital media.

I hope studying expectations like the ones outlined above helps us date more respectfully so there is less miscommunication and more honoring exchanges in the already confusing and difficult world of modern Christian dating.They didn’t even text me to say ‘thank you’ afterward.It was just a really bad experience.”Out of curiosity, and for the sake of helping people’s dating signals be more accurately deciphered, I ran a Facebook survey.Most participants were fine with meeting and being asked out over any medium, whether that be a dating app, Facebook Messenger, text or over the phone.But a remaining quarter of the participants said they’d only be OK establishing a connection in person.

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I’ve heard many Christian dating “horror stories.” It’s funny, because sometimes when I asked the person why it was so terrible, they said something like, “They were so rude!

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